Welcome to dcjdesigns marketing

You are in the right place if you want to :

  • Boost your sales pipeline & generate more leads

  • Drive traffic to your website with SEO friendly copy

  • Boost brand awareness with compelling content

  • Increase visibility through social media 

  • Tell your story with customer testimonials 

  • Get more out of your partner marketing

  • Improve the look and feel of your presentations & proposals

  • Refresh your sales collateral

  • Launch a customer or colleague newsletter 

  • Need some marketing support - just an extra pair of expert hands now and then


As the current economic climate pressures businesses to drive down costs and create efficiencies, many organisations are finding it hard to justify a permanent, in house marketing team and are turning to independent marketing specialists to support and run specific projects on an ad hoc basis.

dcjdesigns offers a flexible, freelance marketing service, where we can work with you either on site or remotely, and you can call on our expertise hourly, daily or as and when you need us! We are happy to help with projects of all shapes and sizes - ranging from one day to one year and more!


This is a cost effective solution for smaller businesses as you get access to marketing experts without the expense of hiring a permanent employee and it can also work for larger companies, where we can provide marketing support during a major campaign or recruitment drive when you don't have the capacity in house.


dcjdesigns also supports busy marketing consultancies, creative studios, web designers and PR agencies on an associate basis.